Mark Loomis, Administrator, supervisor

English Major, leads the school using a system developed by Accelerated Christian Education. However, the vision we are pursuing encapsulates that program and expands it in the area of student leadership. Mr. Loomis surrounds himself with spiritual giants that are being used mightily by God. He often says, "If the student doesn't have a relationship with Christ, we don't want to make him smarter!"

He brings multi-various levels of experience:

1. Administrated and taught in all levels of Cornerstone learning centers.

2. Taught English in public high school for fifteen years.

3. Coached and administrated high school wrestling.

4. Coached and administrated a youth wrestling program with sixty-five families.

5. Teaches Sunday school and preaches at Walter's House Drug Rehab center.

6. Successful in a sport on a national level--NCAA Division II wrestling champion.

Through all these experiences, Mr. Loomis gleaned a methodology of not just how to do it, but the obstacles that must be avoided. He has taught 8 and under wrestling successfully through to a C. S. Lewis Literature class at his church. He has taught the timid to the foolhardy. He also knows his limitations.

With God, all things are possible.

Margaret Meyer, Reading specialist

35 years teaching experience, accels because of her heart because she simply adores helping a student climb up to the next plateau. Whether that plateau is taking the phonetic sounds and putting them together for the first time and reading, or guiding a recent graduate in succeeding in passing her classes at the JC level. She can do it all. Her love after all these years remains with the fundamentals of reading. She leads our K-4 through first grade reading program--it is a three year program that starts with initial sounds and completes as a strong reader.

Sharon Taniguchi, Elementary supervisor

graduated from Fresno state. She home schooled her two daughters through high school before coming to us. She prefers working with the younger students because of her coaching experience at Woodland gymnastics. She brings a dedication and thoroughness to our school by holding students accountable to finishing their goals. She is instrumental in keeping our standards high.

Rebecca Rodriguez, K-5th grade supervisor

She comes to us with youth through adult experience.

God's Providence

we believe God places both our teachers and our students at our school. No one student has come to our school through advertisement. The experience that our staff has gleaned through those we teach is immeasurable. We are steadfast learners ourselves, and we cherish what we learn from our students as well as exercising their curiosity for learning.




Mark Loomis


Mark Loomis

Margaret Meyer

Sharon Taniguchi

Rebecca Rodriguez

Faye Abbas

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Roxanne Linard

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Sean Mazeres

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