Kindergarten with Ace and Christi


This kindergarten program is designed for children tested "not ready to learn to read." It features a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare K3-K5 children in readiness to learn to read. Sixty PACEs (2,000 page) filled with Bible and animal pictures, coordination development activities, and full-color picture stories motivate a child to read. He will also learn social skills, the wonders of God's world, and the reality of God's love. Another feature is the self-instructional format for guiding children from pretesting through a kindergarten graduation program.

ABC's with Ace and Christi is a phonics-based learning-to-read program that prepares students to use the A.C.E. PACE Curriculum. Students spend time learning to read, discovering the basic math concepts and furthering their spiritual understanding to help them develop moral integrity.

Kindergarten is a lock-step program where all children move at the same pace. Music is used daily to reinforce the phonetic sounds and other concepts like Bible memory. Each concept must be mastered by all children before the group can move on to the next letter or concept.

Our teacher has thirty years of teaching experience which aids in the enrichment lessons not offered in the lock-step program. The parents are intregally involved in lessons performed at home.

The alphabet is not taught as the main ladder of learning. Instead the phonetic sounds are taught from individual sounds to digraphs to blends, which are all taught through an animal(representing an individual sound like alligator a form of "a") which engages every child because the animal's habitat, habits, and characteristics are simultaneously introduced with the sound that animal represents through singing songs, acting out animal behaviors as well as hearing.

This method is superior to other methods because it teaches the child through multiple senses, which sollidifies the learning for the purpose of full mastery. This curriculum is mastery-based instead of a child getting a superficial introduction of a sound that he/she will forget as new concepts are introduced. The program is taught in an ascending spiral form, which means that concepts are constantly reviewed and attached to the new learning. Therefore, an entire system is digested, and then all the children are reading sentences by the end of April.